🇺🇸 Big Tech responsible for Capitol Protests 🧨

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Social Media needs to be blamed for the Capitol Protests!


If there is one thing I realized about life as I grew older, is that WORLD PEACE doesn’t exist. I mean, if you can't find peace within your household or marriage, how can we even think that a world, without disputes or conflict exists. A world with differences is normal and healthy. With that said, I’m not encouraging war and physical harm as a result of differences.



Let’s start with marriage in context. It is impossible for a married couple not to argue or have differences. One problem can be resolved today, believe me, the next problem will start tomorrow or the following hour, but that doesn’t mean the marriage must end in divorce for something that is a constant. The two individuals in a union, come from different backgrounds, different ideas, values, different family structures, different personalities, etc. With that said, to get a marriage without conflict or confrontation is impossible, if there is no conflict, you must be worried. 


In context with Global/National peace, a good example is our very own EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), political party, who are asking serious and sensitive question about land redistribution. Even though the question is sensitive and bring so much pain, due to our past, we must never silence the EFF. However, what we need to do, is to have open debates via media platforms and confront these sensitive issues. Both parties will get angry towards each other, but the debates must happen regardless, where both parties present EVIDENCE (not emotions) on why land must be distributed or not. Moreover, the audience can make his/her decisions on what can work and what can’t work, based on evidence presented by both parties. 


To silence one party just for the mere fact that the debate is hurtful, or one individual feel offended, will not solve anything. Moreover, feeling offended or hurt, does not mean you are right. Furthermore, silencing someone based on how you feel, will rather lead to an uncontrollable force. The winner or winners of the debate rest with the audience.


For social media to silence President Donald Trump and conservative’s are a serious threat to democracy which has all the ingredients for civil unrest. You can’t suppress someone or something (COVID-19 Lockdowns) and be surprised when you get a vicious counter reaction. These problems are happening all over the world, even in South Africa for example the conflict in Senekal, Free State.


In my view, Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser extend Instagram are solely responsible for steering up civil unrest and divisions, not just in the USA, but all around the world. By silencing someone or any organisation, is asking for civil unrest, which could’ve been resolved with a simple debate.

All actions or regulations has a reaction, which is stated clearly below in Newton’s 3rd law:

“The third law states that when one object exerts a force on a second object, that second object exerts a force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first object”.

In simple terms for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.




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