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by Reiaan Hobson

2020 BLOGS

The Weak Generation 👎🏽🧠🔙

by Reiaan Hobson

The Weak Generation 👎🏽🧠🔙

by Reiaan Hobson

We are currently sitting with a generation without any savings or readiness to respond to possible pandemics. Yes, I know many will ask, "but how can we save, if our salaries are peanuts?" Believe me, after the current epidemic, savings or readiness for a pandemic will be the highest priority. Saving will even be before the church 10% tithe. 

Let's face it, help is not coming, and millions will be left behind. In the context of the COVID-19 aftermath, millions and millions of people will be without work or will not even survive the lockdown period.


For too long, we rely on the government, NGO's, or Churches to extend a helping hand to our needs. Furthermore, the state is also to be blamed for the weak generation because coming election time government officials will play the illusion game that they are GOD's, and somehow they will save us all. 

South Africa honestly needs a miracle, but sadly it will not come because we deserve the correction in our behavior. The current COVID-19 crisis is coming as a blessing, and usually, all help comes with a massive correction.

Any society regardless of race, religion, or government might, can't sustain a healthy environment with such a crop of useless individuals. If it's not free education, then it is free meals at school; when that is not enough, we will burn the school. We cherish the people that envy the rich and dismiss the idea of their hard work and talents. We love the idea of taking from the rich and give to the poor an inadequate approach, which is an illusion.


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Self-reliance is not even an option today. If we can blame our boss or someone, it will feel more comforting than beating the odds of creating our own. For decades we are giving power to the state to look after us, without any return for our efforts. We are currently living on hope, from a government that cant even remove pit toilets for the last two decades. 

The sad reality, is that the previous generation, was far better prepared for any pandemic or crisis. Savings were a priority, and divorce was not an option, social grants were an embarrassment, and having children out of wedlock were a sin. Yes, the previous generation was not educated but was not left stranded in times of battle. 


During the dark days of apartheid, while factories were closing, mothers and fathers shift gears quickly and started Spaza's, vegetable stores, selling everything to keep the household running. Today we are waiting upon the state for survival or direction.

Now we sit with high divorce rates, materialistic baboons without savings, millions of our citizens on social grants, single parent homes and females that want to be equal to men. How on earth can men and women be equal if we are fundamentally born unequal? Against the backdrop, the ANC government is also guilty of feeding these illusion ideologies. For a decade, the ruling party was fighting the impossible to make these illusions a reality. The illusion manifestos, which are regularly drilled into our ears during the election's time, are coming back to bite us hard. We wasted so many years, trillions were wasted working on illusions, and we forgot that we are human with flaws.


We are so dependent on illusions that we think by staying hungry or fasting will somehow create a miracle for COVID-19 to disappear. We are so dependent on fantasies, that somehow the blood of Christ will safe us all.

I don't have problems with religion, race, or creed, but we need to think realistically. We can not substitute our hole entire God-given asset(brains) for a miracle. Our minds and ideas are the only resources that can break the current pandemic and it needs to function as a collective.

The COVID-19 epidemic is the correct medicine to wipe out the weak generation. Money alone will not save many, but readiness to act will. For many, it will be too late. For some, it will be a wake-up call. For a few, it will be just another challenge, because they did prepare.