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by Reiaan Hobson

2020 BLOGS

The Art of The Comeback - Trump

by Reiaan Hobson

The Art of The Comeback - Trump

by Reiaan Hobson

My straight win prediction for his Presidency in 2016, will surely be my best prediction of all times. The great man persevered, regardless of the odds against him. Ever since his remarkable victory, democrats and the vast majority of the world are waiting for the collapse of President Donald Trump.


According to my knowledge, all presidents objectives, are to serve and protect, not to be liked. Although many across the world dislike President Trump, we cant ignore his remarkable performance as commander and chief of the USA. 

He single handedly pushed the USA to a massive economic expansion, by cutting taxes across the board and deregulated the economy. The deregulation of the USA economy really helped the expansion of forgotten people in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing, mining and oil drilling increased under his presidency and created millions of jobs. USA slowly but surely started winning again in the manufacturing side and reclaimed, the “Made in USA”, brand.

Furthermore, the expansion of the USA economy created nearly 5 million jobs under his leadership. On top of that, average hourly earnings started to rise, in a consistent manner. Unemployment were hitting all time lows in many devisions, for example African Americans experienced low levels of unemployment. Hispanic American’s and female’s in the USA also experienced all time low levels of unemployment. 


Moreover, Real GDP growth was booming under President Trump, by hitting 4 - 6% y/y, numbers. Americans did not experience this under President Obama. “Make America, Great Again” was really surpassing the golden days of Ronald Reagan. 

The Stock Market boomed tremendously and created a massive amount of paper assets for ordinary Americans for example, pension funds and mutual funds increased to unimaginable levels. The federal reserve increased it’s interest rates freely due to it’s monetary policy of 2% inflation mandate. Moreover the dollar remained steady during the Great expansion under Trump. The recession or any slowdown probabilities were very low. 

Today, an USA recession looks certain, with massive job losses and a banking crisis looming. The probabilities of a total collapse of the USA is more certain than ever before, thanks to the #coronavirus. His remarkable economy is in shambles, the stock market already lost 30% of it’s value and more pain are to come. The Booming energy sector is in disarray, due to stage oil war by Russia and the Kingdom.


The last figures showed that retail sales in the USA were terrible, which will  lead to job losses in the service sector. Manufacturing is battling with exports as countries move into their own shells, due to the #coronavirus. To the contrary, the bad news moved the dollar higher against all major currencies, which makes exports even more expensive.

Although the current crisis is not his creation, media and it’s enemies are putting all the stops to blame him. There is no doubt that President Trump’s back is against the wall, but does the 70 year old have venom to fight back?

We must remember, Trump were fighting  battle’s since he become president and today he face a gigantic crisis which is a threat to his presidency. But can we write him off?

I see a lot of articles that state’s, “The end of President Trump”, but I honestly doubt it. He was written off on many occasions, during and before his presidency. Just to refresh you memory his businesses were declared bankrupt on 6 different occasions during the 90’s and early 2000’s, but he fought back.


Yes, it is a total different playing field(politics) from business, however the rules are the same, fight hard. The author of “The art of the comeback” has what it takes to fight and I do expect nothing less than one hell of a fightback from President Trump.

Can President Donald Trump do it on his own or will the American people rally behind him? Will the American’s seek for new leadership?

What I do expect, is a comeback that we have never seen before!